Stress Therapies

Acupressure To Manage Stress

A number or techniques can be used to manage stress at workplace. If properly administered, these techniques can help you get instant relief from stress. A very popular such technique is Acupressure, sometimes known as Refloxology. In some cases, it is also known as Shiatsu or a Shiatsu massage. You may consider it an evolved version of the Traditional Chinese Medicinal system- Acupuncture, sans the needles and pricking. Acupressure has been known and used in Far East for many centuries now.

Acupressure can be really helpful in managing stress at the work place.  Generally the treatment is done using the focus points of hand though in some cases, the focus points on feet can also be brought into action. Stress at workplace involves a number of aspects, it is especially seen in people who are worka-holic or who believe in micro-management. Primarily these aspects include:

* High degree of exhaustion
* Brooding over matters of little or no importance
* Hypertension and in some cases General Anxiety Disorder
* Back pain induced by lack of movement

The working of Acupressure
There is a basic principle in Acupressure that pressure points related to various body organs are located at one inch below the wrist or nearer to fingertips. If you can apply proper amounts of pressure to these places, it will stimulate the respective organs making them work better. This also improves the blood supply to these body organs and have a positive effect on the overall nervous system of the person. If your body responds to this kind of treatment, the result of the treatment would be instantaneous, which is a must for stress management at workplace.

Preparing to jump in
In order to start practicing Acupressure to manage the stress levels at workplace, you have to get advise from a certified medical practitioner about your stress levels and also a  properly certified Acupressure professional to see how your body responds to the therapy.

Acupressure for self
Acupressure can not just be administered without proper training. It is a scientific technique involving various aspects of mind and body. It has to be learnt, though once you have learnt it, you can easily administer Acupressure to yourself and some colleagues. There are a number of institutes and practi-tioners who run short term and long term courses in Acupressure for anyone needing training in self administration of Acupressure. Help and reference material is available from various sources.


Being a traditional medicine system, Acupressure has centuries of legacy and established track record. It is free of the side effects causes by other types of medicine as technically you are not eating any-thing, especially no chemical pills. Nor do you have to worry about needle pricking but you still get relief from stress, which is the ultimate goal here.