Stress Therapies

Acupuncture as a Cure for Depression

Recently, acupuncture has become a vastly popular means to treat depression. InĀ  societies where the symptoms of depression are rampant, people often experiment with new forms of treatment. Though it made its entry into the west as early as the 1970s, it has only recently been recognized as a significant form of treatment. Acupuncture originated in China almost 2000 years ago. It was introduced in America alongside other Oriental alternative treatments like Yoga and meditation.

There has been a long debate regarding whether acupuncture as a treatment method has the ability to cure depression. A section of people categorically denies the possibility that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for depression. People who have undergone the therapy at some point of time have a different story to tell. It is usually slow in showing results, but it definitely works wonders over a period.

First of all you have to properly understand the way acupuncture works. There are 2000 points on our body which are linked to our energy channels. The acupuncture method of treatment involves the insertion of needles at specific points. This helps in evenly distributing the flow of energy that is thought to be blocked.

According to Chinese beliefs, acupuncture maintains the balance between Yin and Yang, which in turn restores parity among the different physical faculties. The western approach holds that it facilitates the release of essential chemicals thereby promoting our natural healing faculties. In both the ways, the significance of acupuncture is aptly highlighted.

Some time ago, a study was conducted among a group of women. A third of them were put under proper acupuncture treatment while another one-third had dummy treatments. There was no treatment given to the last group. After a specific time period, the first group showed substantial decrease in depression compared to the other two groups. This study proved the importance of acupuncture as a way of treatment. It conclusive proved that the results were not by fluke or chance. Many other people who have adopted acupuncture as a remedial measure also corroborate this view.