Stress Medications

Anti-Anxiety Medications

When stress takes over you in a big way, medicines are the only avenue left for you to explore. There are various medicines available to treat various stress disorders. Which medicine is given to what kind of a patient depends on the condition of the patient. Anti-anxiety medicines are also used in the process of stress management.

Anti-anxiety medications, particularly antidepressants, can be very helpful in curing anxiety disorders. They are basically used to ease the state of anxiety so that other therapies can go through and work smoothly.

It may be taken for short as well as long term depending on the condition of the patient. These are used along with therapies to produce the desired results.

For eg: If a person is suffering from acute financial crisis for quite a long time, he is bound to feel the pinch of anxiety which can further worsen. In such a state, anti-anxiety medications can prove to be of real help. (Neurontin is an example of anti-anxiety medicines).