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Adverse Effects of Depression Medication: What Are Your

Tip! PTSD describes a set of characteristics common to people who have been traumatized in some way.
Depression medication is now used by over six million Americans. However, it often causes side-effects or is completely ineffective in curing depression. Because of this, there are several alternatives that you might want to consider as a substitute for depression medication. By finding a cure that is best for you, your depression can be cured. There are various different types of depression medications that are available for you to be able to treat depression symptoms.

As people are diagnosed with depression, several different mixtures to treat this mental illness become available. Most of these types of medications have dominant chemicals in them, such as trilone. This medication often leads to side effects because of these manmade chemicals. The first side effect in anti-depressants is dry mouth, also known as cotton mouth. You may also have changes that occur in your digestive system, causing constipation and bladder problems. Nausea may also often result. Headaches and dizziness are also part of the side-effects of anti-depressant medication. Agitation and an imbalance of your daily activities may also often occur. For several, these problems will go away after a short amount of time. However, if they continue, you should consult your doctor for an alternative.

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One of the more popular alternative methods to depression medication is the natural herbal remedy of St. John’s Wart. This root has gone through several different research methods and has proven to be effective in relation to depression. This won’t have the side effects that the anti-depression medication will have. It is known to be more effective if your depression is mild or moderate. It is known to not have the side effects of other depression medications. You can find this alternative medication in tea, capsules, and other extracts. This, as well as several different herbal extracts can be used in order to solve depression. You can do research at several alternative health centers or on the internet to find the best option for you to use. Physical activities are another one of the ways that are now being recommended to help relieve your stress and depression. Acupuncture, yoga, massage, and relaxation techniques are some of the physical activities that are becoming more popular in order to relieve depression. Any one of these activities will bring a better balance to your body and cause a shift in your body clock and chemicals. By exercising, or allowing yourself time to relax physically, it can help in treating depression.

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Another way to treat depression is by therapy from a counsellor or psychotherapist. There are also several alternative therapy programs to help you treat depression. Talk therapy is a more traditional type of therapy that you can use. There is also behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy, which will focus on actions that you are taking. It will look at your reactions through talking and role-playing, than offer tools for you to be able to change ways of thinking and responses. These, as well as several other types of alternative therapies, are available for you to help in treating depression.