Stress Medications

Benzodiazipines Help Combat Stress

Talk about stress and there are numerous medications ready to help you with the same. One such category of medications that can help you get rid of stress is Benzodiapines. Also known as Benzo, these are one of the most effective stress relieving medicines.

What are Benzodiapines?
In simple words, Benzodiapines can be best described as 'mild tranquilizers'. They are depressant drugs and help you get rid of stress by bringing in relaxation and calmness. This category of medicines is prescribed by doctors for stress and stress related problems like anxiety and depression.

They are usually available in the form of tablets and capsules. Some of the most commonly used Benzodiapines are Diazepam, Oxazepam, Nitrazepam and Temazepam.

How does it work?
This category of stress relief medication works by slowing down the central nervous system. It helps you relax and be calm, providing relief from stress. It also helps curb anxiety and depression.

Are Benzodiapines safe?
Though Benzodiapines are highly effective stress relief medications, they do come with their fair share of side effects. The kind of side effects that you may have to deal with on using these medicines typically depends on the dosage you are consuming.

For instance, if you are using these medicines in low to moderate doses, you may have to deal with side effects like vertigo, dizziness, lethargy, impairment of thoughts, weakness and fatigue and the like.

On the other hand, these medicines may cause sedation and intoxication when consumed in higher quantities. Though a death is rare due to Benzodiapines, extremely large doses of these medicines may result in death as well.

How to use?
Benzodiapines are used both in the form of oral pills as well as injections. However, it is oral pills and capsules that are a much safer way of using these medicines. The reason for the same is that injecting benzodiapines can be very dangerous and may have several ill effects. Injecting of these medicines may result in collapsed veins, damaged organs, stroke, infected skin and even death.

Even if you are using the medicine in oral form, you need to be very careful. As compared to other drugs, individuals develop quick dependence on Benzoidapines. This means that the body gets used to these drugs quickly so a higher amount may be needed to treat the problem.

Also, when you stop using the medicine, you need to cut down on it gradually. Sudden stopping of the medicine can result in several withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, twisting muscles, nausea, bizarre dreams, irritability and the like. Thus you need to reduce the dosage before you stop using the medication completely.

So, in case you are considering using Benzodiapines for stress management, make sure you use them carefully.