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Alcoholism and Depression – The Link

Alcoholism implies an advanced stage of alcohol dependency. Alcoholism is a state where the consumption of  alcohol continues in spite of  health problems and other negative consequences.

The condition plays a huge role in triggering the symptoms of depression. There has been a lot of  research  pertaining to the interrelation between alcoholism and depression. Although this specific link long escaped notice, recent studies have strongly indicated that some sort of a relation exists between the two.

You can notice many cases where these two conditions exists side-by-side in an individual. When a  person is depressed, there is a tendency to increase the consumption of alcohol. In such a situation people, tend to consider alcohol as a remedy for depression.

This is a big mistake. On of the most salient features of alcohol is that it is a potent agent which can cause depression. It may elevate your mood temporarily, but in the long run its effects are always negative.

If a person, suffering from depression uses alcohol as a palliative, the chances of the person developing a dependency on alcohol increases manifold. This is how severe alcoholism develops. If a certain person suffers from these two ailments at the same time, the situation further gets aggravated. It often results in an increase of depression.

A genetic predisposition to alcohol and depression has always been assumed for a long time. This has been substantiated recently by a striking revelation. The specific gene that is responsible for this link has been identified. It is associated with both alcoholism and depression. If a person is suffering from both of the two, the association is strongest.

Researchers and clinicians have always felt that there is a high probability of these two ailments surfacing together. In most of the cases it has been observed that one of them usually leads to the other. If a man shows the signs of depression at an early age, there is always greater possibility of his showing symptoms of alcoholism also, and vice-versa.