Stress Management

Causes for Anxiety Attack

An anxiety attack is the  reaction of the brain to adrenaline, when a person comes across a stressful or tragic situation. In some situations, the body and mind may show a positive reaction, but in most cases the reaction is negative and it may even drive a person to commit suicide. It is  a deadly psychological disorder and the behavior of the victim can be very unpredictable.

The common characteristics of anxiety disorders are emotional withdrawal, self-imposed isolation,  change in normal day-to-day activities, mood disorders, lack of interaction with others, remaining indoors and suffering from depression.

There are number of causes of anxiety attack. They determine the anxiety of the person and its type. Here is a discussion of various anxiety attack causes.
The environment, in which a person interacts, plays a major role in the development of anxiety attack. His situation, depression, critical problems faced is some things that can cause the anxiety in a person.

Slowly the anxiety becomes chronic in nature and may cause harm to the patient.
A complex personality or one that lacks force can also be the cause of anxiety. People who consider themselves inferior or suffer from any kind of complex can face many problems. Low self-esteem reduces confidence and causes anxiety.
At many instances, the brain and hormonal imbalance are responsible for anxiety attack. Hormonal imbalances may result in a feeling of depression and a negative and listless attitude.

Again, heredity is also regarded as one of the reason for an anxiety attack. Genetic makeup and composition can play an important role in determining if a person is likely to suffer from anxiety attacks. Apart from these, one of the major reasons for anxiety attack can be traumatic experience or any tragedy. This type of situation affects the mental state of the person and causes anxiety attack.