Stress Management

Causes Of Depression

Stress is undoubtedly a part of life and nobody in this world is away from it. There are many causes of stress which ultimately lead one towards the circle of depression. In fact, stress and health are interrelated and excess stress may harm your health significantly.

So, it would be absolutely true to say that stress, anxiety and depression are one and the same thing. Stress can occur to anyone in their teens, or due to certain other problems but most people wants to know exactly what causes depression? Well to find out the causes of depression, just read External Stressors


Although, any minute incident can cause stress and the classification of the same is very vast to jot down, broadly the causes of depression could be- too much of workload at office or at home, deadlines' bound work environment, or office politics.
These are some of the factors that can leave you stressed. This can be termed as workplace stress or job stress.

Insufficient funds, some unforeseen crisis resulting in a financial crunch, and instability of money flow are some of the factors that can cause financial stress. Many other causes can lead to depression therefore, it is really important to employ a stress management programs if you are unable to cope with it. Stress relief is certainly possible by employing stress management training or managing stress by taking help of others.