Stress Management

Causes of Stress are aplenty!

There are a lot of sources from where stress can come, it may be your work place, home or your school. If you want to cope up with stress, it is important to find out the causes of stress first. Although it varies from person to person, we can generally say that there are some common places which may cause stress.

Work can be a universal place for stress and it is not only day-to-day’s tasks, but keeping a job can become a cause for stress. Both the burden of work and the possibility of losing the job create stress. However, people feel they have to work hard to be in job and it results in stress.

Next to work comes the school which can be a great cause for stress. The pressure of schoolwork, friends, teachers, tests, quizzes all these things result in stress for the students. To complete the work within the deadlines always gives time pressure to the students and at the time of examination they try to re-learn texts and need to spend much time studying that they can hardly sleep. And ultimately it gives stress. Any other unhealthy methods to get rid of stress will not help to cope up with stress for students, so it is important that they should learn to manage stress as the people who work.

Family is also a cause for stress. We hope that home is the place for relief from daily stress, but unfortunately they can often be the cause of stress. Some times children as well as parents and also spouse can become a cause for pressure.

For the parents, despite of the joy the children can bring they are often a source of stress. As a child grows up, he also makes mistakes, he goes through school, college and sometimes goes astray which often brings tear to their parents.

It is hard to believe but some time parents become a cause for stress. Although they always think about the benefit of their child, sometimes they put pressure on the children to perform better. Children fear how their parents will react when they hear about some new event which might bring disgrace to the family, failures and errors. When things go wrong, they create extra pressure and ultimately stress.

Spouse can also becomes a cause for stress. Both the husband and wife have expectations of their significant and it is not always easy to live up to the expectations and automatically it causes stress. Sometimes they spend time avoiding certain arguments because they want to avoid stress, but unfortunately most of the times it results in stress.

Money is also a major cause of stress. Financial problems always become one of the biggest problems for us. As our expectations grow, money vanishes and it results in stress. The continual reminders from the mortgage of rent, credit cards, other bills and car payment are some of the causes for stress relating to money.

Money stresses always seem to be higher and higher and there seem no way to be out of it.
These are the some of the possible causes of stress and it is always fruitful to manage stress before it ruins our personal as well as professional life. To live a better life, there is always a need to have a clear and uncluttered mind.