Stress Management

Coping With Childhood Stress

 Childhood stress is caused by any situation that needs change or adaptation. These situations usually produce anxiety. Stress may even be caused by positive changes like starting a new activity, but it is often related to negative changes like death or illness in the family.

For detailed information on childhood stress read the article children and stress

A child may experience anxiety if shifted from the familiar place to the non-familiar. The situations over which a child has no control produce stress. These include life changes like the birth of a sibling, moving and divorce. Influence the child to develop strength for the times of stress. They can be social, physical or spiritual. Inspire them to use their talent and try new things.

Encourage your child to develop resources to use in times of teen stress. They can be spiritual, social, or physical. Inspire them to try new things and use their talents. A network of good friends builds buffer against stress.

A child with stress will usually exhibit following symptoms:

Physical symptoms:

A) Headache
B) Nightmares
C) Sleep disturbances

Emotional symptoms or behavioral symptoms:

A) Anxiety
B) Stubborn behavior

Parents can help children meet stress with more positive approach. Following are some tips:

A) Build self confidence in your child. Make him realize self-worth.
B) Encourage child to ask questions.
C) Listen to child and don’t be too critical.
D) Encourage physical activity in the child.
E) Allow the child to make the choices and have control over his life.
F) Provide a safe, secure and dependable home.
G) Spend calm, relaxed time with kids.
H) And last but never the least, seek professional advice when signs of stress persist.