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Does Accutane Cause Depression and Suicide?

Accutane is a  controversial drug because of its potential side effects.. For the uninitiated, this is a medication used in treating severe forms of acne, in case other drugs have not been able to treat the condition. It is very effective as an acne-cure. However, this drug is not without a downside. The regular use of this drug has been associated with depression amongst the users. A number of suicide cases have been linked to the use of this drug.

The powerful drug manufactured by Roche Pharmaceuticals was first approved in the year 1982 as a medication to treat persistent acne problems. It is very potent and can cause  severely birth defects if taken by women who are pregnant or of childbearing potential. Women using this drug must sign consent forms and promise to use at least two contraceptive procedures to prevent pregnancy during the course of using this drug. 

People from different social strata have been long up in arms against the free availability of this particular drug. They are convinced that it creates suicidal tendencies among teenagers many of whom go to the extent of actually becoming suicidal.

However, there is not enough evidence to prove that Accutane is the reason behind such occurrences. Recently, a study was conducted to establish a link between the drug and teenage suicides. The study confirmed to an extent that there was nothing like accutane depression. The teenagers on the drug did not show any significant mood swing compared to others treated with different drugs.

These findings were far from conclusive. According to a scientist, the sample group was rather small. The sample group should not have been less than 1000 if a relation were to be established comprehensively. A more recent research found that Accutane induces some changes in the frontal lobe region of the brain, which is identified as the centre of our emotions. Therefore, there is the possibility of a causative link between Accutane use and depression.

Accutane is a miracle cure for acne treatment, a claim that most users will uphold. However, it is advisable to use the drug with caution, at least until the drug is proven innocuous beyond reasonable doubt.