Stress Management

Don’t be afraid of Rejection - It is inevitable!

In this day and age of competitiveness, nobody can claim of not being rejected some time in his life or the other. To be honest, almost everyone has faced rejection irrespective of being rich or poor. I happened to ask various people in seminars this question about rejection and almost everyone put his hand up and affirmed that he or she had faced rejection.

Now there is no doubt that everyone has faced rejection at some particular time or the other in his life. It is a fact that rejection hurts. However, you have to make an important distinction between rejection and hurt feelings. People have fear of rejection and at times it is even before the rejection actually happens. Rejection or fear of rejection is like any other challenge in life. Studies show that people just shy away from doing something due to the fear of rejection. The fact of the matter is as to how you deal with the situation since rejection has the power to define or refine you.

Rejection can be defined in many ways. Before the actual rejection happens, it comes with a fear factor in you and you feel like running away from the real situation. Some people do not have the power to fight back and just give up the hope which leads them to further downfall. You need to believe that it is the rejection which reflects your worth to stand against all tides of life. You need to indulge in socializing and attend some parties. Studies reveal that partying to some extent reduces the fear factor of being rejected.

In case you feel a rejection attack, do not be afraid to seek advice from peers and you need to have a clear focus of life at the hour of rejection. The true meaning of fear is false evidence appearing real. In case you feel rejected, take some tips from the management gurus as they will definitely teach you something worthwhile. Never have this fear in mind that if a person says no today, he/she will say no in future also.