Stress Management

How To Cope With Computer Stress?

A great number of people are joining the computer era at home and workplace and increasing the number of people suffering from backaches, headaches, neck pain, eyestrain and other recurring stress injuries of the spine.

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Managing stress and symptoms of stress is important because stress and health are related to each other. You can get stress relief by using stress balls which acts as a great stress reliever and many of the other herbal and natural stress management techniques and tips.

You should keep your computer in front of you (not by your side), so as to minimize the chances to twist your body or neck for looking at the screen. Make changes in the position of monitor and get your computer screen at the eye level or maybe a bit higher. You should never look down at the screen as it stresses your ligaments, neck muscles and disc. Make use of a chair which allows you to sit straight and to bend your knees at 90 degree angle. It must have an adjustable back, seat and armrests.

You can avoid headaches and eye strain caused due to computer stress by:

A) Modifying overhead light if it causes a glare on your screen.
B) Keeping your monitor pointed away from the windows and blinds so as to cut down the bright outside light.
C) Changing the settings of the monitor to adjust with changes in the light conditions.

If you are suffering from computer stress or other nonspecific pain, see your chiropractor for a check up, adjustment and a course of treatment to restore balance to your body. Take a few minutes off every hour to re-position the body, stretching, walking or simply taking deep breaths to relieve the stress.