Stress Management

Stress And Cigarette Smoking

I went to visit the Bank Manager, along with my friend. At a conspicuous place in the cabin, I saw a board hung, which read thus:” Your smoking is injurious to my health. Please do not smoke.
“ How polite, kind and considerate you are to the smokers! Do you think, we smokers, enjoy smoking?. The stress of cigarette smoking is only known to the smokers,” my friend said..

Whether the smokers are to be pitied or condemned! The former option seems to be alright because nothing tangible is going to be achieved by condemning the smoker!

One more point incidentally. Whether one smokes due to stress? Or stress is the cause of smoking? It is like the double-edged sword. They are the cause and effect of each other.

It is one of the peculiar ambiguities of human nature. Stress first or headache first? Egg first of hen first? It is better to treat smoking first. The chances are that your stress will vanish with your successful effort to give up smoking.

The most cut and dry methods are not going to help you to quit smoking, in their purest form. They need to be associated with your will power. It is a fact that you are not going to light a cigarette, out of sheer joy. You have some problem, you have some stress, you are on a thinking spree to solve some ticklish issue, and therefore you smoke! It is not possible for you to destroy stress in one stroke!

The flood of stress has to recede slowly and steadily. For that an atmosphere needs to be created around you and you need to be surrounded by people who are not favorably disposed to smoking. Your family members are ever helpful to your, their friendly pressure against smoking, is one of the causes of stress, but you welcome that stress. It might get you t o the desired goal.

You need to have a permanent controller for your smoking habit, who will monitor your smoking activities, and ask for a cigarette-by cigarette account at the end of the day. Mostly, the onus of this responsibility may fall on your spouse.

With a cigar between your lips you may look stylish and attractive personality, but that is only for the initial part of your cigarette career. But soon that lively smile is going to become the smile of wrinkles, indicating stress within you.