Stress Management

Technology and Stress- Over-dependence is harmful!

With the development in science and technology, man has become more like a machine. From dawn to dusk, he goes into grinding and he is engaged in a lot of activities all day. And most of these activities come with a lot of stress. Stress and technology are interlinked and with the passage of time, people’s stress level has increased. The new technology can relieve stress only if used in a positive way, however, if used in a wrong way, every thing will go haywire.

Technology is a boon to the mankind, though it has created some wrong notions in people’s mind. People have become more and more dependent on technology and do not always apply their own mind and body. For instance, for some particular work, you simply say that it would take only 5 minutes to complete while it happens the other way round and the work for which you gave a word to get completed by you in 5 minutes takes 20 minutes.

There are times when the work does not happen at all. By doing this, in fact, you are not harming the other person, it is an indirect harm to you. It increased your stress because you depended on technology for work to be completed but it fails you and spoilt your peace. To solve this problem, technology has to be in harmony with punctuality and time management.

Sometimes technology makes you lose a crucial appointment with your client and this increases the stress factor in you. The reason is that you do not take care of your technical gadgets in time. The same gadgets betray you when your crucial appointments come and after failing your client, your stress level is on the increase. For example, you use a car which has not gone to workshop for years and one fine morning, it broke down in the midway and as a result, you will lose crucial appointment. Your stress level will be on the high.

To counter stress level in technology dependent world, it is better to have a planner that works for you. It is better if you get an electronic planner by which you can plan your future strategies and can develop a sense of punctuality. In case you wish to write on paper, then paper planner is the best option for you and you will find stress levels coming down.