Stress Management

The Unhealthy Alliance Of Stress, Headache And Smoking

As you age, the stress level also increases due to a variety of situations you have to face. If you are facing such situations for the first time in life, naturally the intensity of the stress is more. When you become more experienced to handle such situations, gradually the stress level decreases.

 You, as a youngster, start smoking for fun initially. Fun or no fun, nicotine is such a hard addiction, that it won’t spare anyone. Soon your habit dominates you. You can’t give up smoking. The guilty feeling haunts you because you know the disadvantages of smoking. You know its capabilities to cause serious damages to important parts of your body like heart and liver. You are warned from all sides against your smoking habit but you are helpless. You are the slave of nicotine and that causes you stress. This type of stress could be the cause of severe headache. Your personality is tossed in between these situations. For most smokers, the unpleasant game of musical chair between stress, headache and smoking continues.

The peculiarity of the stress headaches is that they begin to attack you slowly. You feel dullness with pain on both sides of the head, which is the indication of beginning of the stress headache.

Pain associated with the stress headache is difficult to cope. With the help of the descriptions that you give, your physician will be able to identify the type of headache you are suffering from. If the descriptions given by you arouse any suspicion in the mind of the physician, he may ask you to undergo tests like blood test, brain scan or x- rays.

The more you are into the smoking habit, the more room you will give for stress and headache. Since smoking is your daily exercise now, stress and headache are also your permanent companions. Here is the chance of your slipping into the addiction of taking over the counter medications for curing your hopeless position.

These medications again are tricky, they are not sincere to the cause for which they are supposed to have been manufactured and thus you are entrapped into a vicious circle.

The only option that can save you in this situation is the positive lifestyle change such as eating right, doing regular exercises and drastically reducing your smoking, if not give up altogether. You have no other alternative, but to improve your habits.