Stress Management

Watch Your Traits And Attitude To Manage Stress

Your attitude and nature traits go a long way in determining whether you will be a victim of stress or be able to fight it successfully. Here are some traits and attitude patterns that can add to your stress levels and hence must be avoided.

Perfectionists either want to have it their way or no way at all. People with an eye for perfection often tend to set unrealistic goals and work extremely hard towards meeting them. When they are unable to meet the set goals, they tend to get stressed or depressed. Also, perfectionists constantly live in the fear of failure, which again brings in stress and anxiety. While perfectionism is a good thing, there should be always some space for discretion.

Type A personality
People who are a Type A personality often tend to be victims of stress. Competitiveness and impatience are the key traits of type A personalities. Since these people are highly competitive, they are always struggling to outdo their counterparts, which can result in stress. Their impatience often shows in the form of rudeness or hostile behavior which can make them socially unacceptable. This again contributes to stress.

This trait refers to the ability to view every event or thing in a negative manner. Pessimists are negative about everything in the world and are not prepared to deal with challenging or tough situations. As a result, they end up being victims of stress.

External locus of internal
People with an external locus of control feel that their life is not controlled by them. Instead, it is controlled by events and circumstances outside their life. This makes them feels helpless and as a result they tend to get stressed.

Poor communication
People who are able to communicate are often less stressed as compared to the ones who are not. This is because good communicators share and express their feelings and are more relaxed. On the other hand, people with poor communication skills are always dealing with interpersonal conflict and they tend to get stressed.

Unhealthy or addictive habits
Several unhealthy or addictive habits too can be a reason of stress. Some of these habits include compulsive shopping, excessive intake of caffeine, emotional eating, smoking and the like. A person following any of these habits is unable to get rid of the addiction even when he realizes that these habits can be harmful. As a result, he/she tends to get stressed.

Anger is often accompanied with stress. If you tend to get angry more often, you are bound to be a victim of stress.

If you want to ward off stress, make sure that you avoid these characteristics and attitudes in the first place.