Stress Management

What Is Complex PTSD?

Complex PTSD is a prolonged form of post traumatic stress disorder. It is a psychiatric problem that arises after some traumatic event in life. A person start feeling stressed and depressed (PTSD) after some bad incident that happens in life.

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Some of the events didn't leave impression for much time and memories of the event start fading after some time. In these events post traumatic stress disorder doesn't remain for long. But in complex PTSD a person takes months or years to get control over the mind. The person is not ale to forget the trauma caused by the incident. The memory of the incident affects the person to the extent that he is not able to get over the trouble even long after the incident.

When the memories and pictures of the event keep coming back to the sufferer and the incident affects the mind and soul of the person to the greatest possible extent, the situation is termed as complex PTSD. It is thus situation that is not in control and becomes complex and hard to handle.

There are different stress management techniques that are proving successful in treating complex PTSD. In fact various stress management tools, stress management products and stress management activities help in managing stress. Stress management course and stress management training program are also there to reduce stress.