Know Stress

Beware of Things that Stress You

Feeling stressed out is the most common individual experience. However, the commonality ceases to exist after that. People get stressed out by different things and the amount of stress experienced is also different. While some of them can be managed spontaneously, others might require dealing with the causes themselves.

Most common stressors to watch out for

* Multi-tasking: This is the most common stressor affecting the lives of people. Multi-tasking splits a person's time, work-efficiency and concentration into numerous things. People are not able to cope up with this, even if they claim otherwise. The result is varying amounts of stress. Doing things one at a time seem to be the only way out of this situation.

* Postponing things to a future moment: This is another common stressor affecting lives of people. Such a tendency is usually a result of take-it-easy attitude towards life. However, what individuals do not understand is that this is no way of ensuring an easy life. Postponing things which could have been completed now would interfere with things of the future. A direct result of this would be stress.

* Lack of time management: People are not fully aware that ill management of time on hand can result in stress. Concentrating on only a few things can result in the neglect of other important things in life. Hence, it is imperative to learn better time management so that more things can be attained in less time. At the same time, it is necessary to take only a manageable number of things in hand. Multi-tasking too can result in increased stress.

* Loneliness: That loneliness can result in increased amounts of stress is something not many people have realized. It is important to have family or friends around for the purpose of conversing. This advice comes directly from the fact that conversation can act as a great stress buster. Hence, it is good to have people around with whom you can talk to.

* Fiercely competitive people: There is a specific category of people who are always present around us and who add to our stress. This category lacks a proper name but individuals coming in it are characterized by their ability to annoy us and make our lives more miserable. It is of no use verbally or physically fighting them as they would keep coming at you. The only way to keep them away (and thus remain stress-free) is through keeping them away from our lives.

* Too high expectations from ourselves: We always aim for the best things in life. While this may act as a motivation for you, it can also result in increased amounts of stress. To do away with it, it is imperative that you set realistic goals which can be attained through sustained hard-work.