Know Stress

Has Stress Sucked The Spice Out Of Your Life

Do you feel that you cannot enjoy sex anymore because your mind keeps going back to the tensions of workplace? ... Then you surely need to follow some of the following tips to bring back the spice in your life.

The following tips can make you come again and again...

A) Conversation: Communicate with your partner. Tell him about what you feel and what your fears and anxieties are. It will help you to relax and reduce your stress.

B) Lighting: Use nice romantic lights in your room. They reduce stress and help in building up the mood. You can also opt for some scented candles. You can use those that are used in aromatherapy. They have a soothing smell and bring down the level of stress.

C) Nice food: Eat healthy to stay healthy. Good food reduces stress and creates your mood. It helps in satiating anxieties and gives satisfaction. So have a nice and fulfilling meal before you roll into the bed.

D) Good music: Play some nice music in the background. It lowers the blood pressure level, reduces stress and puts you in the mood to grove.

E) Massage: A nice massage can help you to develop the right mood. It makes you feel more relaxed, soothes your nerves and muscles and gets you ready for a great show!

F) Concentrate: Keep all your worries aside. Just live the moment you are in. Feel the sensations you are experiencing right now. You will automatically feel relieved and enjoy the moments of pleasure.

You can help yourself in this fight against stress and you must try doing it. Prolonged presence of stress, which leads to ignorance of sex, can raise real problems. So pay a little head when the reason for stress is small, so that it can be dealt with at a personal level.

In case of no other avenue you can go for the various medications, therapies and techniques available to manage stress.