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Most Stressful Cities of United States of America

It is not always that we produce a lot of stress for ourselves. The stress which we experience is regularly produced (or increased) by the environment in which we live. You might have thought such an environment existed within the limits of your home. In reality, the truth is that it includes the city environment you live in.

Some of the Most Stressful US Cities

Stressful environment in cities is a direct result of the following factors:

* Job opportunities available
* Level of infrastructure development and pressure of population on it
* Cost of living (rent, food and entertainment)
* Prices of gas
* Population density

With these and other factors in mind, we have prepared the following list of some of the most stressful US cities to live in. (Note: The list is only informative and not persuasive in any sense or manner.)

Chicago, Illinois:

It is the largest city in the state of Illinois. It is also one of the most densely populated US cities and has a population density of 12,649/sq mi (4,816/sq km). This is quite dense and due to this it appears in the list of stressful US cities.

Cleveland, Ohio:

It is the largest city in the state of Ohio. However, the fact that Cleveland ranks 4th on the national crime index makes it a stressful city to live in. Crime in Cleveland has grown at the rate of 10 per cent in the last 4 years.

Detroit, Michigan:

Detroit is more famous as the home of US car industry. Recent upheavals in the world economy has, however, sent the automobile industry into hiding. A result is that the number of jobs have decreased. Further, a fairly high crime rate in downtown Detroit makes the city a stressful city to live in.

Los Angeles, California:

Los Angeles is world famous for its entertainment and show business. However, this has its pitfalls as well. There are as many people who become beggars as those who become millionaires in this city. Too much competition to outdo each other makes it another stressful US city to live in.

New York City, New York:

New York is known as one of the most expensive city to live in. The city is the financial hub of US economy and attracts various types of professionals. The downside of this attraction is that the city engenders cut throat competition, and even hostility, in its inhabitants. Long commuting hours to workplace and too much hustle and bustle adds to the stress.
San Francisco, California:

San Francisco has the distinction of being the second most populous city in United States of America. The city is currently experiencing a phase of retrenchment after the 2001 dotcom bubble burst.