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Sex and Depression Among Teenagers

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Everyone is vulnerable to sadness and depression. However, the latter is more bothersome than the former. Depression is a kind of mental disorder that affects person’s mood, thoughts, behavior, feelings and overall health. Depression blocks productivity and may get worse if not treated early on. Further, it can lead to suicidal attempts. Depression can affect anybody and teens are no exception.

Teen sexuality and depression are oftentimes linked. This is because teenagers are curious and active. They want to try the things that are new to them. They smoke, drink and have sex. They live by the maxim, you are only teenager once so get the most out of it. During high school years the urge can bloom into something more disturbing. Chances are, every nook in the school might have teenagers having sex. For them, sex is simply part of the inevitable. It is something that they are expected to discover and do. It is something that they have to enjoy.

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Most of the teenagers nowadays are so overwhelmed by sex that they care less about the perils of sexually transmitted disease (STD) as well as sexually transmitted infection (STI). All they care about is satisfying the cravings for hot and passionate sexual desires. Sex education is telling the youth to ‘be responsible’. Nonetheless, the outcome of this campaign does not support its goal. Moreover, because of sexual activities of teenagers, they are exposed to immediate and long-term depression. Over $500 million a year is spent over by the government to teach teens to practice safe sex.

However, there are still 9.1 million teens that affected by STD. Sex is an act of maturity. It is not something that has to be grabbed all the time. Teenagers must learn how to say no to free themselves from regret, shame, disease and fatal depression.
Tip! Realizing the different stresses in your life and where they come from.

Some teenagers think that their sexuality is a means to an end. Sometimes it is too late for them to know that confusion and depression are the things that they will reap out of it. Everyone wanted love and affection. To have these, most teenagers trade them for sex. Another thing is that most teenagers think with their hearts, not with their brains. Hence, when they felt love, they give sex only to know afterwards that they are receiving less or no love at all. In a survey conducted by National Campaign to Reduce Teen Pregnancy, more than 2/3 of teens who have had sex said they wish they had waited longer. Waiting can be the saving grace of teenagers against the ruthless effects of depression.