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Sex, Mood And Stress

Sex has always been linked to stress. While for some sex can be a cause of stress, there are others who use physical intimacy as a sex buster. However, there is yet another link between sex and stress. And, mood seems to be the common point for this new dimension of the sex-stress relationship. Let us know about the sex, mood and stress relationship in detail.

Stress=Poor sex life=Bad mood
How many times have you been deprived of a good sex life owing to stressful schedules at work? It is not uncommon for people to compromise on their sex life owing to high stress levels. When you are stressed, it is bound to reflect on your sex life too. As a result, your mood is sure to be bad or not in the best spirits.

A study conducted in the Arizona state confirms this relationship between stress, sex and mood. A total of 58 women who belonged to the middle age group were taken as the subject for the study. These women showed lesser negative mood on increased physical intimacy. Researchers found out that good sex led to women having a better mood the following day.

So, if you look forward to working the next day with a good mood, then make sure that you have a good roll in the hay the previous night!

Good mood=Improved sex life=No stress
While stress can rip you off your sex life and put you in a bad mood, it can work vice versa too. Good mood can lead to a better sex life which obviously means lesser amount of stress. When you are in a good mood, you are bound to crave more for physical intimacy. In fact, good mood predicts better sexual activity.

When your sex life is moving at good pace, the stress levels are bound to be low. Sex works as one of the most effective stress busters. It reduces your blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels, all of which are indicators of reduced levels of stress. Several researches have shown that emotional connect alone can't work on these stress indicators. On the other hand, positive physical contact in the form of sex can help bring down stress levels immensely.

So, the relationship is clear and simple. Good mood means better sex life and low stress levels.

Now that you know the relationship between your mood, sex and stress, it is time that you use the first two to your advantage to work on the latter. Pep up your mood and sex life and your stress levels are sure to be in control.