How to Destress

How to Help a Teen Manage Stress

Teens face quite a lot of stress in their lives, although it may not be at times clearly apparent to their parents. Not only teens face tremendous competition from their peers, they are prone to stress even because they have their own private fears in life.

As parents, who know at least some aspects of their teenaged children's life, you can definitely help your kid manage their stress in a much better manner. You have been through this phase when you were a kid. Therefore, you are already in good position to contribute positively in managing and reducing the stress in your child's life.

Girls especially worry in their teens about their appearance and their fitness levels. Mostly boys stress for peer pressure or failing to perform as per expectations. Most of the fears they have may be of not much consequence. However, as a mother, you can understand how they feel because you have already been in their shoes once. Such fears/stresses need to be handled with tact, understanding, and kid gloves because your teenage daughter may be very sensitive.

Break the ice, talk to a teen and become a friend!
The first thing that you can do to help your teenage children manage their stress or fears is to talk with them. Teens usually do not discuss their fears or stresses with their parents because of the belief that their parents would not be able to view things in the same way.

It is from the way you approach them that teens know whether they can divulge their stress to their parents, so think on those lines. Never advise them straight; but try your best to understand how they feel about a stressful issue in their lives.

Doing this will help you to glean important information from your teenaged children as to the cause of their stress. Once you know what exactly is bothering them, you need to only simply express immediately that you understand that it is an issue with them. Never attempt to ridicule them in regard to their stress or to begin advising them.

Expressing your solidarity with a teenage son or daughter under stress is the best thing that you can do to help reduce their stress. From their point of view they will feel cared for when you express your understanding about the issue in their life. It will have a good impact on their stress as they will feel that your support is with them.

Think, contemplate and find a way out afterwards!

Later on when you are alone you can think on the matter in complete depth and think of how best you can help your son or daughter manage his/her stress. You can lift the spirits of your children by setting an example in managing stress yourself.

Lead a Healthy lifestyle and set an example!

When you exercise regularly or take a break, your children will also follow you to reduce their stress. If you sleep and eat well your children will also follow the trend you set. Remember, it is how you live your life and reduce the stress in it that has a greater impact on your teenaged children's stress rather than mere talk.