Stress Management

Cardiac Stress Test

Cardiac stress test is very common in case of diabetics and heart patients to see the effect of stress on heart, caused by the exercises. It is also identified as exercise tolerance test. Most often, cardiac problem develops due to poor stress management and other stresses both, non-physical and physical types. This cardiac stress test helps ascertain whether heart is affected or it is safe. To know more about cardiac stress test, read Cardiac stress test.

This test is basically carried out to discover the heart disease that may be the result of various forms of stresses. Before going for stress test, it's better not to eat, drink and smoke.

EKG called electro cardiogram is a general device used to test the heart condition. Temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respirations are other parameters that are tested along with the heart. Treadmill is used as the mode of test. Patient is put to exercise for a period suggested by doctor then heart rate and other factors are analysed.

After the cardiac stress test, incase you happen to feel a chest pain spreading to arms, you must immediately call doctor as it is a sign of heart attack. Any trouble in breathing should also be reported.

Mostly, stress gives way to heart diseases so, you must know some stress management tips. Although managing stress is not that easy, various stress management tools and stress management techniques make it a bit easier. Coping stress could be easier with a natural stress reliever.