Stress Management

Cardiolite Stress Test: A Must To Identify Physical Stress

Cardiolite stress test is basically a kind of stress test that is performed to get acquainted with coronary artery condition of your heart. The test is done while you are exercising. So, usually it is performed as a treadmill stress test or a nuclear medicine stress test.

 One thing that would remain common in both of these options is application of cardiolite as radioactive tracer for taking better images of heart when a person is going through the test. Images are taken with the help of either gama camera or some other imaging device. Cardiolite carries least side effects when used and that's why it is preferred over other radio active tracers.

The stress test is essential to identify the prevailing stress in you and to reduce the physical effects of stress which are really damaging in the long run.

Images of heart muscles and blood vessels are taken to draw conclusions. Patient is put on treadmill work out in order to increase blood flow and incur a cardiolite stress test. Cardiolite stress test basically helps in detection of coronary artery disease. The test aims at finding coronary artery muscles and left ventricular muscles that do not receive sufficient blood supply.

Except water nothing should be eaten for six hours before test. Caffeine must not be taken for the same period before the test. Even medicines containing caffeine should be avoided. If you are on any kind of medication you can bring in your medicine for consumption during the test period. Diabetics are allowed to take their insulin.

For testing, electrodes are placed on the chest. Electrodes record electrocardiogram that is displayed through electrocardiograph monitor. EKG is recorded before workout and then workout starts on treadmill with varying speed and slope. Cardiolite is put into blood through intravenous injection that quickly moves into heart muscles. Affected muscles accept cardiolite very slowly.

While exercise is on E.C.G and blood pressure is constantly monitored. This is how the cardiolite stress test is carried out. The cardiolite stress test reveals the fact that heart could be influenced by any kind of physical stress. If stress is in form of mental and emotional stress, consequences tend to be more dangerous for heart.

Anxiety and stress casts adverse effect on heart so it should be avoided. Health management and stress reduction is best way to lower down chances of heart disease. People with heart disease need immediate stress relief. Heart patients must be given tips on tackling workplace stress. Connection between stress and health could be better understood by case studying cardiac patient. Heart patients must be aware of general causes of stress.