Stress Management

Define Stress

We define stress as “body's uncertain response to the demand made on it.” On one hand stress provides the outlet to express our talent and energies and helps us to pursue happiness while on the other hand it causes illness and mellows down our strength. When something unpleasant happens around us, it puts us in a state of strain called stress.

Broadly speaking, stress can be classified in two types:

1) Eustress (Positive stress)
2) Distress (Negative stress)

To define stress in detail read What Is Stress?

Stress is an emotionally disruptive or unsettling condition of our mind that occurs as a result of adverse external influences. Stress tend to raise the level of adrenaline and cortisol in the body, which leads to increase in the blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and puts more physical stress on our organs.

Managing stress and symptoms of stress is important because stress and health are related to each other. It is very difficult to say the exact cause of stress. For, your stress could be a by-product of any other condition or situation of your life. Various concepts that are closely related to the word stress are:

A) Anxiety
B) Depression
C) Exhaustion
D) Frustration
E) Despair
F) Overwork
G) Over-focusing
H) Confusion

So to define your stress and stressors clearly, it is must to seek professional help and fight the stress in its very first onslaught.