Stress Management

Distress- The Negative Stress

Stress, in simple words, can be defined as the physical and mental strain that is caused on our body due to certain situations from the outside world. When you are faced with sudden or unpleasant situations, your body reacts by kicking in the 'fight or flight' response. This is known as stress.

Is Stress Always Bad?
All of us, deal with some or the other level of stress all the time. In small amounts, stress is not as bad. Instead, it can pressurize you to do better. In fact, it is the body's natural response to protect you. It can help you stay more focused, alert and energetic. For instance, stress may give you extra strength to defend yourself if you are about to incur an accident.

However, when stress exceeds a desired level, it can harm your body. It can damage not just your health but also have negative effects on your social life. In the long run, stress can also hamper your productivity levels.

So, stress is not always bad. It harms you only when it exists in more than a desired quantity.

How to identify stress?
Many a times, people just do not realize that they are stressed because they end up making stress a part of their lives. Here are some symptoms of stress that will help you identify the problem in a much better manner.

Mental symptoms

* Lack of concentration
* Difficulty sleeping
* Tension
* Fatigue
* Irritability

Physical Symptoms

* Stomach upset
* Frequent urination
* Tightness of the muscles
* Difficulty in breathing
* Dryness of the mouth

What are the effects of stress?
Stress is not good for your body. The reason for the same being the numerous ill effects that it brings along. Prolonged stress can damage almost every part of your body and also bring along several stress related ailments. It can suppress the immune system and make you more prone to illness. It also raises your blood pressure, increases the chances of heart attack and also speeds up the aging process. Long term exposure to stress may also contribute to infertility. If you do not fight stress on time, you may end up being a victim of depression.

Some quick facts about stress

* The American Academy of Family Physicians, recently stated that two third of the visits to the doctor are for stress related symptoms.
* A recently concluded poll stated that that 89 % of the people studied in the survey had undergone serious stress.
* Undertaking a proper stress management program may help reduce the risk of heart problems that are caused due to stress.
* Mental disorders caused due to stress are the fastest growing occupational disease in the US.