Stress Management

Eustress- The Positive Stress

Stress need not be bad all the time. Sometimes, stress can be good too. Eustress, a type of positive stress is actually good for your body. It is basically a desirable form of stress which is healthful and gives a feeling of contentment. It keeps you excited about life.

There are several situations where in you may experience eustress. For instance, the thrill experienced while watching a horror movie or the excitement of winning a race are all examples of eustress. Some other situations where in you may experience eustress are accomplishing a challenge, joy experienced on a roller-coaster ride, happiness felt on the birth of a baby, excitement while getting wed, buying a new car and many similar incidents. Such situations bring along a slight level of nervousness and stress but in a positive manner.

Eustress is not damaging
Just because Eustress is a type of stress, it need not be damaging to your body. Unlike chronic stress that is taxing on your body, eustress does not have any unfavorable effects on your body. Instead, it lifts up your spirits and helps you stay in a good mood. Eustress provides the desired balance by evening out the negative stress.

The importance of Eustress
Unlike negative stress, human beings actually need Eustress. It gives a meaning to life. Without Eustress, you would never feel excited or strive more to do a particular task. Lack of excitement or absence of extra initiative would make our life plain blank or in fact meaningless. Without a desire to do anything, you will not have a reason to get up every morning. This is the reason why Eustress is important.

Further on, Eustress can benefit you in more than just one way. It can help you be more enthusiastic about your relationships, which can mean a better personal life. Eustress offers its benefits on the professional front. Being known as curative and pleasant stress, Eustress is very important for a person to generate maximum performance and output. This helps improve your efficiency at work. By improving both your personal as well as professional life, eustress can also help you get rid of chronic stress.

Eustress for stress management
If utilized in a proper manner, Eustress can actually help you get rid of stress. Since eustress is a positive phenomenon, it can help change your mindset and attitude towards things. It helps you consider the threats in your life as challenges. This changes your mental attitude towards different situations in life and helps you steer clear of stress.

Considering the numerous benefits that Eustress has to offer, it is good to have some amount of stress in your life, but make sure that it is positive stress.