Stress Management

Identify Stress: Definition Of Stress

Stress is something that happens to you internally. Stress is when you face an internal demand that excels the available resources to you to effectively meet the demand. A universally accepted definition of stress is, “when something unpleasant happens around us, it puts us in a state of strain, called stress.” The other definition of stress is-- stress is experienced when we are aware of a marked imbalance between capability and demand; when the failure to meet the demand is known to have unwanted result.

On one hand stress provides the outlet to express our talent and energies and helps us to pursue happiness while on the other hand it causes illness and mellows down the strength. To get the precise definition on stress read What Is Stress?

Stress is an emotionally disruptive or unsettling condition of our mind that occurs as a result of adverse external influences. Stress tend to raise the level of adrenaline and cortisol in the body which leads to increase in the blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and puts more physical stress on our body organs.

So managing stress and symptoms of stress is very important to keep in the good health. You can adopt various stress management techniques—be it medical or natural, to control the level of stress, anxiety and depression. Stress management is simple and you just need to make a right effort to make these techniques work perfectly in you.