Stress Management

Know your Stress !

In today’s competitive environment and tight working schedule, stress has become a big health problem in the US. It is something that you cannot see or measure but feel. You cannot be aware of the damage the stress can do in the life of a person. There are many causes of stress and also there are many methods to relieve from it and the treatments are aplenty.

Since stress is an invisible killer which cannot be seen but felt. At times, you can not even feel that you are under stress. Despite being a silent killer, people are keen to know about it and want to do something to keep it under control.

In the present materialistic world, stress is omnipresent and it is becoming more dangerous day by day. Modern science has come to the conclusion that stress has become part and parcel of our life and ultimately kills. There can be some remedies but no permanent freedom from stress. In a person’s life, job is the biggest and the most common cause of stress and nobody can get away from it. The reason is that you have to fulfill the needs of your near and dear ones and live up to their expectations. Most of the times you do not have job satisfaction and this create stress. You are doing a particular job just for your survival and you end up doing jobs not even to your satisfaction. Nobody gets everything in life and this is the law of nature.

To study your stress, it is possible that your boss is not nice to you and you will feel stressed out and as a result, it will lead you to depression. Sometimes fear of bad working conditions lead you to stress and the very thought that in case you lose the job, you will be on the streets leads you in the zone of stress.