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Alcohol Abuse Can Cause Depression

Depression can be due to several factors. However, alcohol is a common reason behind a number of cases of depression. A possible link between alcohol and depression has been long mulled over.  Amongst many other factors, genetic predisposition may be responsible for a number of alcoholism and depression related cases.

In today’s era, alcohol depression is a common chapter in many of our lives. People resort to alcohol usually because of depression. While it can lift your mood for a short period, it always proves detrimental in the long run. You are in a good mood when you are sort of high. However, when the effect of alcohol is gone, depression comes back to haunt you with greater force.

There is evidence to back it up. Forty percent of the people who are heavily into drinking show signs of a debilitating depression. When these people are taken off alcohol, the depression goes away to a large degree.

Depression may occur even though you may not drink. However, there are a number of cases where both these conditions take place simultaneously. If a person tries to treat depression-using alcohol as a form of self-medication, there are some inspiring and uplifting results in the short haul. This motivates greater dependence on alcohol.

One should not forget that prolonged use of alcohol has a great risk of creating dependence. Hence the person ends up being an alcoholic. Alcohol, when taken in heavy doses and over a long period of time, can be a powerful depressant. This is a classic example of one problem aggravating another.

Alcohol usually worsens pre-existing physical ailments. If you find your health suffering because of alcohol, chances are you will develop some form of depression. Alcohol is also popularly known to trigger suicide cases. Even though a depressed person may not contemplate committing suicide under normal circumstances, the person’s sense of logic and rationality may suffer when under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol promotes impulsiveness and prompts people to take rash and hasty decisions. I think the reader can gauge the extent of damage alcohol can cause to a depressed person.