How to Destress

How to Fight The Stress Induced Urge To Eat

Stress has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Our body knows how dangerous can high stress levels be. Hence, it tries to cope with it in some unique ways. Emotional eating is one such unique response of the body triggered by stress.

What Is emotional eating due to stress?
When our body is under stress, it responds by releasing a hormone called cortisol. The secretion of the hormone is responsible to increase the rate of metabolism in our body which then burns a lot of the body's energy within a short period of time. To overcome this sudden deficit in energy, the brain creates a craving for foods which are high in energy and fats. Hence, things which are sweet and full of carbohydrates, and fried things become irresistible.

Eating due to stress- Is It Healthy?
Well, there is no harm in replenishing the body's depleting energy levels. However, what stress pushes us into is to overcompensate the depletion of energy in the body. Individuals under stress always tend to over eat. This is harmless for those who experience stress occasionally. However, it is a sign of health problems for those who suffer from chronic stress. Emotional eating due to stress can make their body become over-weight and a host of different cardio-vascular diseases.

How to overcome eating due to stress?
For the sake of health, emotional eating needs to be stopped at all costs. This can be done in the following manner:

* Find other ways to cope with stress: Eating should not be the way to cope with stress, neither in case of chronic nor in case of occasional stress. Instead, individuals should try to find out other ways to cope with stress. You could talk to close friends, hit it out in the gym or by simply writing whatever you feel, to overcome stress.

* Find out ways to relax: Ion case you have the problem of chronic stress, you need to find out ways to relax your mind. You can try simple breathing exercises. Slowly take a deep breath and let your lungs expand to their fullest. After that, slowly exhale the air out. You can also try meditation to beat stress.

* Choose other alternatives: If your desire to eat still remains the same, then you can try out different low calorie, low fat alternatives. For instance, you can substitute aerated drinks with Perrier, or you can munch on low-fat, low-salt snacks rather than chips or some other deep fried ones.

* Deal with your problems: Even if you suffer from chronic stress, there would be some reason or the other behind it. Address the underlying issue so that the problem may get eradicated from the root.