How to Destress

Your DIET May Cause You STRESS!

“Curry for the night is worry for the morning. Tomorrow's bread is not assured from today's labor.” -One type of diet stress!

“We live in a posh locality. There are five excellent starred hotels near by. The trouble with our family is that we argue almost daily, where we should go for the dinner. The preferences vary and we bitterly quarrel over eats.” Another type of diet stress!

The have’s and the have not’s- both have diet stress. Our living in this world is so molded by the scientists, economists and politicians that people feel constantly fatigued and stressed.

What are the actual reasons for the stress? “Just don't talk to me!” No one has time to ponder over it. Many of us work for 12 to 14 hours a day. But we don't have time to spare for a quiet lunch, say about 15 minutes. Even that we do along any other activity- in the company of television or PC.

Just throwing the food in, like a robot, is no proper way to eat. Many times, when you are under stress, you over eat. This is extending invitation to more problems. You need to eat food for your hunger and for your pleasure. The intake of food needs to give you mental satisfaction as well.

Any type of decision, made under stress, is not likely to give you positive results. Because when you are under stress, there is increased production of hormones within you and that disturbs the glucose levels. You become more and more hungry and go on eating without rhyme or reason. Overeating is a disease.

So what should be your guiding principles for the diet that reduces stress? Surrender to natural food. Tell me frankly- which sight is pleasing to you? Fresh fruits and vegetables or a bowl filled with spicy curry? It is researched that raw foods are rich in compounds that help to combat stress symptoms. Flavanoids, for example!

To meet the challenge of stress through diet, completely transform your diet and lifestyles. Take vegetables and fruits that contain lots of fiber. This will free you of constipation that would help you relieve stress to a great extent. Stress, which is a mental disease, will in all probability promote physical diseases, if not checked in time.

Drink lots of water. You need to cut drastically tea, coffee and alcoholic drinks! They give you artificial relief, but in reality they are the cause of more and stress!

Think before you eat. Eat with leisure and pleasure!