Stress Management

Ankle Stress Fracture

Many people want to know about ankle stress fracture but are unable to find info on ankle stress fracture. But, here you will find all the details about ankle stress fracture. Stress fractures are a type of overuse injury. These small cracks in your bones develop when your muscles get fatigued and they can no more bear the shock of repeated impacts. And then the muscles transfer the stress to the bones making a small crack or fracture. Causes of stress are doing too much too soon, improper sports equipment such as shoes that are too worn or stiff, change of surface such as going from an indoor to an outdoor running track, errors in training. For further details, read Physical Effects Of Stress.

Signs and symptoms of stress are swelling on the top of the foot or the outside ankle, tenderness to touch at the site of the fracture, possible bruising. Nowadays, with so much competition, we all are suffering from one or other type of stress. There is teen stress, financial stress, job stress, emotional stress and workplace stress. We get affected by stress both mentally as well as physically. We should make use of several stress management tools and stress management techniques to cope with stress effectively. We can also take up stress management course or stress management training program to treat this problem.

Last but not the least, don't take too much of tension and try to stay happy.