Know Stress

How Badly Stress can Affect Your Health?

This is known to everybody that excess of anything is bad for health. The same is true for stress. Over stressing one self can lead to several diseases and disorders. Health can be affected in several ways with prolonged stress in life. The worst part is that stress not only afflicts one's body but also has a very damaging effect on one's personality too.

Let's find out below how prolonged stress can affect you.

Insomnia- One of the most common outcomes of prolonged stressful conditions is insomnia. Insomnia is a condition which can be described as one's inability to acquire a sound sleep. Depending on the capacity of the body to handle stress, insomnia can be of two types, partial and complete. In partial insomniac cases, even if there is sleep, the quality of sleep would remain poor. To handle this sleep-related abnormality people often binge on sleep enhancing pills. This is certainly not good for your health and may eventually make you addictive to these pills. The situation can also invite other serious troubles such as anxiety and depression.

Lack of energy- Being in constant stress also drains away all your body energy. With poor energy levels, you are unable to carry out the important, day-to-day activities of life. This problem aggravates when combined with inappropriate sleep and lack of adequate rest.

Change in eating habits- Being in constant stress also alters your eating habits. The effect of stress on one's diet is generally of two types. First of, a person follows an eating spree and feels like eating all the time, whatever time of the day it is. The other type is one in which the person does not feel hungry at all and won't even take his daily meal properly. Because of this the person will eventually loose on energy levels and thus on health.

Falling in the trap of unhealthy habits- Due to constant stress and realizing that you are being drained out of your abilities, a person has a tendency to fall into the crypt of bad habits. The habits that people generally fall into are drinking, smoking and consumption of drugs. These habits already have an ill-effect on one's body and personality and when coupled with stress, it proves to be very devastating.

Depression: Another aftermath of prolong stressful conditions is depression. As stress levels increases in one's life, the person falls in the trap of depression.

Some of the other negative conditions that can be borne in the body are acne outbursts, diarrhea and arthrosclerosis, among others.

By now you must have realized that stress has a very damaging and deteriorating effect on one's mind and body. Therefore, the most important thing is to avoid stress as much as you can. But still, if you feel that stress is taking a toll in you, you should indulge yourself in recreational activities of your interest, and keep your mind and body free of all the disturbing thoughts.