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Financial Stress Can Affect Your Sex Life

There are several factors that can affect your sex life. However, it is your finances that continue to be the most prominent reason. Trouble in your finances could be a major reason for your stress, which in turn hampers your sex life. Let us try and understand about the relationship between finances, stress and your sex life in detail.

How finances can affect your sex life?
Money is one of the most important causes of stress. A distorted financial situation can lead to lot of problems. As a result, an individual always ends up thinking about how to make the ends meet. This constant stress affects an individual at both- the physical as well as the mental level.

Continued stress can make you physically weak and may reduce your sex drive. It is quite obvious that a person who is stressed will not feel the urge to get physically intimate with his/her partner. Most people choose to refrain from sex when they are stressed owing to their finances.

However, there are some individuals who do not completely stay away from getting intimate with their partner owing to financial stress. But, even then the emotional connect is missing.

So, either ways the sex life tends to suffer owing to financial stress.

What you can do about it?
Finances will always remain a cause of your worries but letting them affect your sex life is not a wise thing to do. There are several things that you can do to keep financial stress away from taking over your sex life. Here are some of them:

* Plan your finances well. If you are stuck in financial worries, planning your expenses well can be of great help. Plan a budget in advance and note down all your sources of revenue along with expenses. Planning before hand will help you take care of everything easily. And, once your financial worries are sorted, your sex life is bound to improve.
* Have your partner take charge. It is unfair to deprive your partner of physical intimacy just because you are stressed. You can ask your partner to turn you on. And if you are reluctant, you can always try and arouse yourself.
* Foster the emotional bonding. If you just don't feel the urge to have sex due to financial stress, you can make up for it. Foster the emotional bonding between the two of you. Talk it out with your partner, try to spend more time with him/her in a bid to enhance the emotional connect. The increased emotional bonding can somewhat compensate for the degraded sexual life.

Financial stress is inevitable but with some effort you can keep it away from hampering your sex life.