Stress Management

Hair Loss Due To Stress

Hair show whether your body is in balance or not. If you are physically healthy as well as emotionally balanced, your hair will be lustrous and shining and your scalp moist. If you are physically not well, or are beaten down emotionally, your hair become dull and lifeless and begin to fall. For more information on "hair loss due to stress", read Physical Symptoms Of Stress.

Managing stress and symptoms of stress is important because stress and health are related to each other. You can get stress relief by using stress ball which acts as a stress reliever. Natural stress management and following stress management tips are also helpful. Stress management training and stress management tips are provided by some organizations where stress management activities are stressed upon.

Temporary thinning or hair is also triggered by nutritional deficiencies, dietary imbalance, hormonal imbalance and stress or shock. Women may suffer from this type of hair loss after pregnancy or during menopause, due to change in their hormonal levels.

Most of us never realize that the hair loss due to stress is growing at a fast pace until very late, after the end of the stressful event that was inducing it. It is said that the sudden onset of any stress causes the hair follicles to stop hair production and relapse into its resting attitude too soon. The hair follicles tend to remain like this for months afterwards and also during this period.