Stress Management

Heart Stress Test

Heart stress test is conducted to know the condition of heart and primarily to detect coronary artery disorder. This stress test is based on exercises that increase blood circulation. Mostly, heart stress test is performed with the help of treadmill. Person who undergoes the test is put on treadmill to do exercise. With increased exercise blood circulation increases rapidly and at this stage a radio active tracer is injected intravenously. With the help of electro cardiogram readings, the test is done by placing electrodes on chest that are connected to electro cardiograph. For more information on heart stress test, read heart stress test.

This heart stress test is basically carried out to discover heart disease that may be an outcome of various forms of stresses. Before going for stress test, it's better not to eat, drink and smoke. EKG, called electro cardiograph is a device used to test heart condition. Consumption of caffeine and tobacco should also be stopped forfour to five hours before the test. Patients must come in loose cloths. Over the counter medication should also be checked for caffeine content. For asthma patients, it is mandatory to stop Theophylin medicine at least a day before the test. In case of heart patients on medication, selected medication are permissible to be taken while the test is on. And certain medicines are not permitted before the test.

Most often, stress results in heart disease. So, you must know stress management tips to get stress relief by pursuing stress management activities. Managing stress is not that easy but with the help of various stress management tools and stress management techniques, it is possible. Coping stress would be easy if natural stress reliever is used but you can do so only after noticing symptoms of stress.