Stress Management

How Acne, Food, And Stress Are Inter Related

People often believe that there is a link between certain food items and acne. They think that foods with more sugar and grease can cause acne. For instance, it is believed that excess intake of chocolate causes acne. Though, till date, no such thing has been approved by scientific researches.

Even some medical journals have stated that diet has no role to play in the treatment of acne. So, according to science, it is a myth that certain foods cause acne. But this does not undermine the importance of a healthy diet in our daily lives. A nutritious diet can help in the overall development of a person. When you take a healthy diet, your body gets all the essential nutrients.

A person feels well from inside when the body gets a healthy diet. A healthy diet is also responsible to improve the raw material for your skin. Thus, your skin is sure to glow when you get proper diet. Also, the skin has to be healthy to fight bacteria and viruses. The mucous and skin membranes are defensive to prevent bacteria causing acne.

For example, vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin which helps maintain the skin and mucous membrane healthy. Another example is of Beta-Carotene produced by the plants. It is found in green vegetables. Some of the fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin A are cantaloupe, carrots, yams and apricots, spinach, kale, and parsley. And lastly, tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin A.

But, one should remember that over dosage of vitamin A can be toxic for the body. So, you should keep a check on its consumption!

However, stress is known to have a negative effect on acne. Certain food items are recommended to keep stress low. These are vitamin B-2 which is in fish, eggs, meat, and milk. And finally, remember that acne varies from one body to another. So, it is better to know about your body tendency.

One should know what makes one’s skin glow. Also, adding foods that add to your immune system can be beneficial for the body. So, one should include basic things such as vitamin E, zinc, and have plenty of water.