Stress Management

How Does Stress Affect Health?

Your health will be affected by stress in many ways. Stress causes a number of illnesses and problems for us. In today’s world it is essential that we deal with stress. This article talks about the ill effects of stress.

Depression can occur on account of  stress. Although stress  can be reduced with modern drugs, it is advisable that the root cause of stress be determined and removed. Modern drugs will just suppress the symptoms and are good in managing stress. Stress treatment is ultimately up to the individual.

Excess of stress is known to cause stomach ulcers, indigestion or insomnia. Any of these signs may indicate that you are under stress.

Even a seemingly normal occurrence such as hair loss can be on account of stress.Stress plays havoc with the body’s immune system and opens up the possibility of our becoming a prey to coughs, colds and the flu, amongst a host of other diseases.
Anxiety disorders are caused on account of stress. People who are close to you will notice it. Reduce the stress levels and you will notice a reduction in anxiety.

Stress can result in anger. If you find yourself getting angry more often than usual it could be because of an increase in stress. Anger management courses help you control your anger. These courses are helpful in case you are prone to throwing angry fits every now and then.

Stress can be a root cause for obesity.  Some people deal with stress, by going in for eating binges. This gives them a good feeling as food increases the level of serotonin in our bodies. Of course, the unfortunate side effect of eating binges is weight gain.

If you are passing through a stressful situation, it is to your best interest that you learn to manage stress. In the long run, stress can be a killer, in more ways than one. Lead a stress free life.