Know Stress

Stress Affects Health

Stress can result in a number of psychological as well as physiological  problems. A number of research studies have revealed that there is a deep link between not only stress and minor symptoms such as headaches and body ache, but also between stress and diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes
and cancer. Doctors have reported that many patients are actually suffering from a single underlying condition, namely stress.

Let us face the facts. We are after all humans. We respond to external stimuli from the environment in a variety of ways. To look into how stress affects our health a little more deeply, let us take a look at the essential layer of the human body that protects us from illnesses and infections. It is the marvel called the human immune system.

There are a number of stressors that influence our immune systems. Stressors could be in the form of a sense of hopelessness, frustration, despair and a withdrawal into our inner selves. These stressors result in our assuming a negative attitude. A negative attitude reduces the power of the immune system’s capability to fight colds, influenza and cancer cells. Stress increases the ability of free radicals to cause oxidative damage to the body’s cells.

Now that we have taken a brief look at how our health may be compromised by stress, let us see how we can mitigate the effects of stress.

Undoubtedly, physical exercise and nutrition play an important role in reducing stress. Essential nutrients and vigorous exercise are essential in boosting the power of the immune system. It is more important to not let stress affect you and to be positive in spite of the circumstances that you might be facing. A positive attitude towards life helps to minimize the effects of stress and improves our health.