Know Stress

Stress- A Give And Take In Marriage

In a marriage, everything is give and take- whether it is happiness or sorrow. But, did you know that stress levels also make for mutual sharing in a marriage? Perhaps not! Recent studies have proved that the stress levels of your spouse can affect you too. So, if your partner is stressed, you can expect some levels of stress coming your way too.

Stress for both partners
When you are in marriage, the stress of one partner eventually gets transferred to the other. Recent studies and researches have well proved this fact. The reason for the same being that the quality of life and the relationship gets affected as a result of either of the partner's stress. Thus, the other partner who is not stressed too ends up being a victim of the tension in the long run.

Men are stressed more often
Though stress is a problem that can affect one and all, studies show that it is husbands who deal with the problem more. Women are by default more emotionally stronger than men. This is the reason why females deal and cope better with stressful situations.

In most cases, the stress travels from the husband to the wife. But, the impact of indirect stress is lesser in females as compared to the males.

Female stress matters more
While it is men who are more frequently stressed, it is the stress of the wife that has more psychological consequences. There are several studies that show that in a marriage where the women had higher levels of stress, the men had a greater level of psychosomatic problems.

The reason for the same is believed to be that women help their husbands de-stress. So, when they are stressed themselves, they are unable to offer the conditioning and support, which causes the male partner to be even more stressed.

Studies also reveal that the wife's stress affects men in more ways than just one. Even if men do not complain about the psychological stress, it shows in their physical well being. Men who are stressed due to the stress of their partner tend to report more frequent backaches and headaches.

Relieving woman's stress can bring down the stress levels of both the partners significantly. So, it becomes even more important for wives to stay relaxed and calm at all times.

Keep stress out of your marriage
Now that it is clear that stress of either of the partners can affect both, keeping stress out of the marriage becomes all the more important. You need to learn to manage your stress not just for yourself but for your loved ones too. To manage stress effectively, you need to learn and identify stress triggers and keep them at bay.