Know Stress

Stress Can Lead To Reduced Sex Drive

Stress affects your overall health in more ways than just one. It affects you at the physical, emotional as well as the mental level. And what's more? Stress can affect your sex life too. Several studies and researches have shown that prolonged periods of stress can result in a reduced sex drive.

There are many individuals who have to struggle with a poor sex life as a result of increased stress levels. Diminished interest in sex is one of the most prominent symptoms of increased levels of stress. Several studies suggest that people who deal with stress for a long period of time often complaint of a reduced sex drive.

The relationship between sex and stress is well known so stress hampering sex life does not come as much of a surprise. There are several factors that cause detoriaiartion of sex life due to high stress. However, it is the influence of mood that plays a key role.

When you are stressed out, you re bound to be in a bad mood. This bad mood persists and ultimately affects your sex life. The reason for the same being plain and simple that people do not long for physical intimacy when they are in a bad mood.

Further on, stress affects not just your emotional state but your physical well being as well. Prolonged period of stress can lead to a poor immune system, which could result in frequent illness. Besides, people who are stressed way too often tend to feel lethargic and weak too. To add on, stress may also lead to frequent headaches and rise on blood pressure. As a result of all this, the urge to get physically intimate with your partner is bound to reduce. It is obvious that and individual will not want to get physically intimate if he/she is feeling unwell.

Thus, stress takes a toll on your sex drive in more ways than just one. So, if you do not wish to let your sex life get affected, it is imperative that you try to control your stress levels. There are numerous stress relief techniques that can help you with the same. Regular exercise, eating a healthy and well balanced diet, adequate sleep, relaxation techniques like breathing…all of these can help you fight stress. A healthy and well balanced lifestyle can help you fight stress successfully.

However, if these self help methods do not offer much relief, you may consider consulting an expert. Your health care provider may prescribe stress relief medications that can help you get rid of stress and other accompanying health issues.

So, if you wish to keep your sex life going, make sure that you keep stress at bay.