Stress Management

Stress Induced Hair Loss- The Bald Truth!

In the present scenario of highly competitive environment and rate race, almost everyone is living under stress. Extreme stress can affect the mind and body of the person enormously. It tends to affect the person both psychologically and physiologically. However, hair loss is one of the several victims of the stress. This is called telogen effluvium in medical terminology and in general terms, this means the thinning of hair which ultimately leads to hair loss.

Studies reveal that stress is not directly responsible for hair loss but it is a result of bad life style, the person leads. There are several precautions and methods by which you can minimize this type of hair loss. These are called anti stress techniques.

When people are in stress, they generally have a diet which is poor in nutrient value. People because of stress neglect the eating which consequently leads to many physical ailments and the person becomes least worried about the hair loss because he wants to protect his other body parts. In fact hair loss is considered by the people a little damage as far as the diet patterns are concerned. People with poor diet patterns lose 200 to 300 hair follicles per day compared to 100 hair follicles in case of a person who eats normal diet. Since the body cannot replenish the excess loss of hair follicles, this is the prime reason of hair loss and stress is responsible for it in indirect manner.

To counter hair loss because of stress, you need a healthy and protein rich diet. The diet should comprise of minerals, less fats and carbohydrates. The added nutrients will bring the rate of hair fall to the level of normalcy. People who are high on smoking and drinking generally think that these are relaxants and they just keep on using them but at the end of the day, they end up risking the hair loss. It is, therefore, advised to quit smoking and drinking. Stress also leads to many people fiddling with their hair and this may lead to hair loss.