Stress Management

Your Stress may have a bearing on your hair loss!

Stress has become an inseparable part of the life, of late. Every single day comes with full of stress problems. Now it has become extremely difficult to remove stress from the life in a permanent manner. Stress has become omnipresent and it ranges from school to workplace and family to friends. Modern man has a huge amount of daily dose of stress which is very alarming and it is bound to affect all over the body of the person. 

Stress is affecting the daily mood and feeling of a person and it is not possible to achieve happiness and stress at the same time. When a person is stressed, he becomes angry, worried, anxious and depressed and he tends to suffer from a variety of diseases which at times may be life threatening. As per the recent medical statistics, stress increases the risk of blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and diabetes and loss of hair is one of them which needs to be discussed at length.

A lot of people are extremely amazed when they find that stress is linked to loss of hair and ask the specialists these questions with utter surprise. The fact of the matter is that the stress is responsible for hair loss. In medical terminology, it is called telogen effluvium. As per the medical research, a sudden stressful event causes the hair follicles to stop the production of the hair. Since there is no hair relapse, the hair stops in a premature way. During and after this period, the hair follicles remain in a resting phase for many months and you will find that you are losing an unusual amount of hair. As per the general medical statistics, hair loss due to stress is temporary and hair regains its growth once the hair follicles start production again.

To keep your hair intact, you need to manage your stress levels in an effective manner. There are many ways to be stress free but no one in this world can tell for sure. The prime thing to free from stress is to learn the art of dissociation. When you dissociate yourself, you free your body from all types of anxieties and worries. This makes you stress free and you are saved from hair loss.