Types Of Stress

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Women

PTSD is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Normally the cases of PTSD are reported two to three times higher in women than men. Up to 57 % of the women substance abusers meet the common symptoms to be declared as PTSD patients.

PTSD is not an additional stress for the women. It is the main stress, as it demands the prime attention of the physician. Its impact is more because it is a twofold stress, due to the abuse at physical as well as mental and emotional level. The most common reason cited is physical or sexual abuse in the childhood.Impact of traumatic stress on men and women can be terrific. In war-like situations or terrorist attacks, the effects of the post-traumatic stress disorder are intense and have far reaching consequences on the affected individuals.

Torment, suffering and serious physical injury of the victim in this situation, mean an equal or more suffering for the family and friends. It is however reported that female war veterans and active duty personals suffer more and require specialized treatment for their stress management. The level of treatment required depends upon the level and intensity of the PTSD.

PTSD is mainly a psychological disorder. Physical injury could be one of the strong reasons for that. The physical injury of the spouse could also be another reason. The reasons are generally very strong. Say, a military conflict, actual combat in a war-zone, actual suffering in a national disaster like Tsunami, or a major earthquake, any life-threatening event, violent personal assaults resulting in serious physical injury or rape and the likes.

The days following such incidents are the days of severe test and at times impossible to cope with. The discrimination and the will power of the suffering individuals shatter to the dust. All is lost for the individual with no way out. For the woman, such a situation looks like the end of the world.

Suppression of their suffering is one of the reasons for increase in stress. Therefore the PTSD women are encouraged to tell and retell the stories of their suffering. This repetition may help to dilute the ‘thickness’ and ‘hardness’ of stress. When you are habituated to the strong negative feelings associated with any of the serious events you actually begin to feel the impact in a lesser degree.

Anti-depressants are no permanent solutions for this. Love, understanding and a will to tide over the difficulty can pave way for a permanent solution for PTSD in women.