Children And Stress

Child Stress Management Tips

  Stress is a reaction to any situation which creates a negative physical or emotional change or both. People of all age groups experience stress. In little quantities, stress is good for it, motivates you and helps you to be more productive. Pressures for school students often come from the sources like friends, family or school, but they can also originate from within. There is often a discrepancy between what we think we ought to be doing and what we are actually doing in our lives. And peculiarly in case of children, this becomes a major stressor. For more information on stress in children read the article Children And Stress Are Interrelated

A child experiences anxiety when shifted from the familiar place to the unfamiliar one. When a child feels that the situation is out of his or her control, s/he builds up stress. These situations include life changes like the birth of a sibling, moving or divorce of parents. Other stressors include coming of a new person in already formed group, being corrected or scolded by the teacher. The complicated stressors get initiated by parents when they expect the child to excel and his friends expect him to be popular.

The tips that children can follow themselves to reduce child stress:

A) Try to relax. Take a warm bath. Listen to music. Take some time for yourself.
B) Close your eyes and take slow deep breaths. If you have a hobby, give yourself time to enjoy it.
C) Discuss your problems.
D) Exercise as physical activity helps to overcome stress.
E) Set realistic goals. Do your best, but remember that nobody is perfect.
F) Look around for help if you are having problems in managing stress.