Children And Stress

Children Can Be A Victim Of Stress Too

We are living in a world full of stress and pressures. Though, only adults are believed to be victims of stress, the truth is that even children are not spared of it.

Causes Of Stress In Children
Family strife is one of the most common causes of stress in children. Children of working parents and divorcees are more likely to be under stress as they don't get desired attention and care. Children of a divorced father or mother often develop insecurities and feel dejected.

Pressure to perform in education is yet another major cause of stress among children. Most parents push their child against the wall forcing them to perform. This may make the child tensed or stressed. Parents need to understand that it is good to motivate the children but pressurizing them can lead to stress.

Inferiority complex is yet another common cause of stress in kids. Many kids do not find themselves at par with other kids. As a result, they tend to turn recluse and find themselves being prey to stress.

Identifying stress in children
Very few parents are able to notice prevailing stress among their wards. There are certain behavioral indicators to notice a child under stress. Backing out from general activities, not feeling comfortable with friends, downfall in school performance, irritation and nervousness are few such symptoms. Irritability, loss of appetite and frequent mood swings may also indicate stress in your children.

Dealing with child stress
Once a child is identified with these symptoms parents must try to know reasons behind the stress. If immediate care is not taken, it turns into anxiety. Anxiety in turn casts negative impact on child's physical and emotional state.

If parents are living under stress due to over work or conjugal split, they must not let their child get affected by it. Such parents should behave normally with child as if nothing is wrong with them. The other available option is to convince the child about new developments which will make child adapt to the situation. Showing interest in child's activities and school performance is the best way to ease out stress. Keep encouraging your wards even if they are not fairing as per your expectations in schools.

Parents must make sure that their child participates in sports and other physical activities. Indulgence in co-curricular activities also works as a stress buster. You could encourage your child to enroll in a particular sport or take up any of his favorite hobby. This will keep your child occupied and also help ward off stress.

But, despite all these efforts one thing is sure that stress is unavoidable. So, every parent should aim at teaching stress management to his/her child.