Children And Stress

Do Studies Cause Stress In Children?

Children are compared to angels. But the angels all over the world have a problem, their never ending studies!

Well, this is the major cause for stress in most of the children. You may ask what other problems the children have except their school and studies. Perhaps you are not fully familiar with the ways of the children and the world of children. They have their own priorities.

Well, study is the main job and responsibility fixed by the parents and the educational system of the day. But at the same time, they spend substantial time with idiot box, hundreds of TV channels. Who will patronize the pizza huts? Now, if you tell them to give up everything and concentrate on studies alone, will it not cause stress for them? Can't you understand their difficulty?

The number of subjects, the number of languages they are expected to learn, the number of assignments they are expected to do, the never ending homework, the to and fro travel in those crowded buses, whether it is rain or shine, you need to be a child again to understand their problems. And how difficult it is to get the signature of the parents, if their progress report is not up to the mark?

Parental involvement in the day to day studies of the children, especially in matters related to their homework, would create a sympathetic situation for the children. Parents are the buffer zone between the children and the teachers. The teachers can immediately spot the difference between the homework independently done by the child and homework done with the assistance of the parents. Parental involvement will help teachers with the confidence that their efforts are supplemented at home by the parents. The children will also find the situation more reassuring and their mental tension and stress and fear of homework stands reduced to a great extent.

This process of parental involvement again has its limitations. The working parents can offer limited assistance to their children in studies as they themselves are busy and overworked. Similarly, if the parents are uneducated, except giving encouragements, they can do very little to assist the children.

Parental involvement in reducing the stress in children due to studies can not be exclusive. To get a good student, a role model out of your kid, you need to take care of several other aspects of their personality. You also need to take care about their personal, intellectual and behavioral needs. The participation needs to be multidimensional.